Here’s the third installment of this month’s Bulerías de Cádiz series followed by another video of David Palomar.

Bulerías de Cádiz

Mi caballo ya no bebe
agüita de ningún reguero
ahora mi caballo bebe
agüita de un pocito nuevo

A mi caballo le eché
hojitas de limón verde
no las quiso comer

My horse no longer drinks
water from a ditch
Now my horse drinks
water from a new well

I gave my horse
the leaves of a lime
He didn’t want to eat them

You can hear him sing this letra again here at 2:50.

Mercedes Ruíz & Santiago Lara in Portland!

Flamenco Greats Mercedes Ruíz and Santiago Lara are coming to Portland this May for workshops and a performance at The Old Church. I’m sooooooo excited to finally welcome them to Portland, Oregon. Get all of the details here.

*I took the photo above a couple of years ago after the Flamenco Tour to Jerez when I was exploring the Sierra de Cádiz.

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