Here’s a Bulerías de Cádiz followed by a video of Paloma Fantova at seven years old. (I’m pretty sure you’ll be blown away by how well she dances.)

Bulerías de Cádiz

Dice mi prima Dolores
la del barrio del Balón
van a hacer un monumento
y encima de María Bastón

My cousin Dolores,
from the neighborhood of Balón, says
they are going to put up a statue*
María Bastón

This letra starts at about 3:55 in the video below.

Here is a variation that changes the meaning of the song slightly:

A mi me ha dicho mi prima
que en el barrio del Balón
van a poner un monumento
y encima a María Bastón

My cousin Dolores told me,
that in the neighborhood of Balón,
they are going to put up a statue
of María Bastón

(Stay tuned, next week I’ll publish a video of David Palomar singing this version.)

And here and here are a couple more versions.

A note:

The dictionary defines monumento as monument however in Spain the flamenco statues are called monumentos.

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Bulerías de Cádiz

Bulerías de Cádiz