We were named #3 in the Top Flamenco Blogs And Websites Every Flamenco Dancer Must Follow, Best Flamenco Blogs on the Planet by Feedspot Blog Reader. 

That feels exciting!

I started this blog seven years ago at the suggestion of a student just before I left for Spain on the trip that inspired the Flamenco Tour to Jerez. I'm SO grateful that I did as it reconnected me to my love of writing, offered me a new means of expression, and most importantly, turned into a way to help and connect with others along their flamenco journeys. What started as a personal account of my flamenco learning has evolved into educational and informative articles, interviews with artists, translations of flamenco songs, and stories of my travels and flamenco studies.

In celebration of this, today I'd like to share with you some of my favorite posts from the past seven years.

My Top 25 Favorite Posts

(In alphabetical order)

  1. 20 Ways To Spice Up Your Flamenco Practice
  2. 50 Life Lessons From Flamenco
  3. An Interview With Bailaora Mercedes Ruíz
  4. An Interview With Marco Flores
  5. And It's Fear Yet Again
  6. Become A Better Dancer From Home With the Dancing With David Mini-Challenge
  7. Bulerías Made Simple [The Structure of a Bulerías Dance and How it Relates to the Cante]
  8. Congelada
  9. Flamenco Verses By Palo (The Weekly Letra)
  10. Four Steps To Following Your Intuition (Learned From Flamenco)
  11. How To Improvise in Por Fiesta Flamenco Dances
  12. How I Finally Learned To Play Castanets And How You Can Get Started
  13. How I Messed Up Dancing Bulerías, What I Learned & How it Can Help You
  14. How I Overcame My Fear of Bulerías (And Why I Used to Hate This Dance)
  15. Why You Shouldn't Call It Quits (My First Flamenco Dance Experience In Spain)
  16. Should I Put Myself Out There (& Why You Should Listen to Flamenco Music)
  17. How This Mom Finds Time for Flamenco
  18. How To Challenge Yourself When Class Feels Too Easy
  19. How To Learn From a Mistake
  20. How To Make Class (& Life) Easier When You Feel Like You Have No Idea What You're Doing
  21. How To Navigate Transitions (& The Transition That Almost Gave Me A Nervous Breakdown)
  22. How To Turn Physical Strength Into Mental Strength
  23. How Understanding Green Bananas Will Help You Dance Bulerías
  24. Three Reasons To Practice Slowly [Flamenco Home Challenge]
  25. Why I Started Dancing Flamenco ~ How Did You Get Into It?

BONUS: The Five Elements of Flamenco 

By the way, this recognition feels especially gratifying right now as I made a new year's resolution to post 6-7 blogs per month in 2018 (a letra every Friday (a series I've been doing for 6+ years now) in addition two at least two more posts each month.) I'm happy to say I've stuck to it so far which says something for setting a goal and developing a plan to make it happen.

Thank you Feedspot Blog Reader for recognizing my work and love of flamenco! 

What's your favorite post? Did it make the list? Let me know below.

EDIT: I added The Five Elements of Flamenco after the fact because I realized I'd overlooked that post and it definitely belongs in the top posts!