I wrote this one night last week, Thursday or Friday I believe.  One night when I started freaking out and wanting to run away because we were having another show.  I decided to wait until the the next day to publish it.  The next day came and I didn't.  So, I'm posting it now, after the fact. (Oh, and there are several audio links in the reflection at the bottom of this post..)

We've had all week to work on the show.

But I've felt FROZEN.

Congelada.  I've found any excuse not to practice, not to get the help I wanted from Ricardo…  At first I didn't know why.  I just decided I was lazy.

I only went through things in my head.  I know, I know, that's an important way of practicing.

Ricardo is sharp.  He is fast.  He is precise.  He is intense.   He sweats.  He puts it all out there.  I don't understand how he does this.  I don't do this.

And I feel lazy.

And I hear this voice saying, "Who are you pretending to be?"  It's the same voice says I have no business being up there with him... And that I am lazy.


But I realized something.  I feel completely overwhelmed.  Agobiada.  As lucky as I am, as happy as I am to be having this experience, I feel so incapable of doing what he's asking of me, so ridiculous to be performing with someone of his level, that I don't want to do anything.


I want to scream at him.  Instead I tell him I am incapaz.

He doesn't like it when I say that.

Like when I would tell Mercedes "No puedo."  "Intenta," is how she would respond.  "Try."  Ricardo says that too.  A lot.  Hmm.  I suppose they're on to something.

I want to adjust my attitude.  I want to look at things differently.

It is ok that I am me.

But I need to BE me and do it, as me.

If I could get away with only walking around and looking intensely at him for the entire show, I would.

But I can't, that's not enough.

And now I'm dwelling on all of the wasted time.  Why didn't I dance with my star this week?  But dwelling will not help me.  And what in the world is wasted time anyway?  I'm not sure that I actuallybelieve in that concept.

And, as usual, I've gotten hung up on other people's expectations.  Even though I have no idea what people expect.

Take Ricardo for instance

I decided he expected a lot of me.  I decided that he expected more than I am capable of doing.  I don't even want to dance in front of him because I feel I am just

disappointing, disappointing, disappointing.

I am loca.  I know that.

And then I am feeling mad at him for making me perform with him.

I am loca.  I know that!  He is not making me do anything.  And I could have asked for more help had I wanted to.  Or I could have said no. "No, I won't perform with you."  Though that really would have been crazy.

So, after all of that, we're on for Sunday, the house concert will happen.  And I want to remember the best piece of advice he's given me which is to pasarlo bien.  To have a good time.

And now a reflection

Ok, so Sunday happened, and many things went wrong.

But many things went right as well.  Lamiae's singing was breathtaking.  Nat's playing was beautiful.  Ricardo's dancing was amazing.  People liked being up close.  They liked hearing the sound of nails on the stage and hearing the breathing.  Things flowed.  And, most importantly, we had a good time.

Actually, it was hard not to once we got going and especially after the show getting to visit with all of the guests.   Familiar faces and new faces, (even some people who read this blog...)  This was amazingly fun.  Laughing and eating together.  Making music together...a little juerga formed later in the evening with Toshi & Kuma playing cajón, Nat on guitar, Paul & Lamiae singing, and many people dancing and doing palmas...

And I learned, a lot.  On Sunday, and over the past three weeks with Ricardo here.  More on that to come.  Until then, we're back to regular classes starting this Wednesday.  And...we're in for another taste of Spain the final weekend in May with Emilio Ochando.

As usual, I'd love to hear from you.  Thoughts on performing, on laziness, on having a good time?  Feel free to leave a comment below.