And here is the first copla Mayte Martín sings in Conquero.  You might have seen the second one here last week, and the final one the week before.  It's all a bit mixed up but, then, so am I.  Hmm, though upon second thought, that's how flamenco is normally sung.  The singer mixes and matches verses in the moment, so this makes perfect sense!  Oh, and by the way, this weekend he'll be setting a choreography to the final verse.

Fandangos de Huelva

Y los dientes de marfíl
los ojos como las moras
y tu boca es una fuente
donde una noche bebí 
agua con ansias de muerte

Teeth of ivory
Moorish eyes

and your mouth is a fountain
where I drank one night
water with the worry of death

Whoa, this one was hard for me to translate.  I struggled getting the sentido across in English.  If anyone has suggestions, please do share.  Other comments are very welcome as well. Ah, how I love fandangos.

And, about Conquero, I got to dance to it with Ricardo last weekend. A piece we threw in at the last moment. And it was fun, and short. And no footwork to stress over, PHEW. Inspired to dance by beautiful cante and, well, Ricardo and his amazing presence and skill.  There's one last concert with Ricardo this weekend, and we still have a few seats left.

Here's Mayte Martín performing some fandangos'll here some familiar ones in there.

EDIT: I reposted this letra with a variation on the translation here. Have a peek!