I told you that today I'd post a video of Manuel Molina singing...

Along with another letra:

Que Nadie Vaya a Llorar

Que nadie vaya a llorar el día que yo me muera
es más hermoso cantar aunque se cante con pena
que nadie vaya llevar ni flores ni ropa negra
no me vayáis a enterrar para pudrirme bajo tierra
es más hermoso cantar mientras mi carne se quema
y luego me ofrecéis al mar o al aire o sobre la arena o en un jardin,
me da igual
pero cuando yo muera que nadie vaya a llorar

Nobody cry the day that I die
It's more beautiful to sing even if one sings with sorrow
Nobody bring flowers or wear black clothes
Don't bury me just to rot underground
It's more beautiful to sing while my flesh burns
And then offer me to the sea, or to the air, or over the sand, or in a garden,
It doesn't matter to me,
But when I die, nobody cry

You can watch another version here, one that will be part of the upcoming Flamenco Sin Fronteras documentary.

Oh, and you might want to check this out as well.

At his funeral, people sang as he requested, and his daughter, Alba Molina wore white.

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