Manuel Molina passed away on Tuesday. Que descanse en paz.

May he rest in peace.

Here is something to remember him with today. I'll post a letra and video of him singing this Friday.

from Dime Manuel Molina


Si de verdad crees en Dios
como crees en el fuego cuando te quema,

Dime, dime, dime ....

Tell me ...

If you truly believe in God
the way you believe in fire when you get burnt,

Tell me, tell me, tell me .... 

Watch this.

It's kind of demasiado bonito.

For the full song and translation click here.

You'll probably want to watch this one too.

And for another video click here.

For more about Manuel Molina, check out this short documentary. (It's just about 20 minutes long and very worth the watch.)