I want to tell you about some things that help me to feel better when I'm in a funky place. I also want to show you a very cool video and share a flamenco verse with you. But first, some words I wrote last week

(my first week back home post Flamenco Tour)

Coming home I feel overwhelmed.

This is not new.

It is how I usually feel after a trip to Spain. Excited to be back but overwhelmed and sort of confused at the same time.

So I breathe.

I feel the air go in, and I feel it go out.

Again and again

Things start to slow down.

And then I realize,

I need to dance


And now I feel better.

I wrote those words last Wednesday.

Fortunately dancing was on the agenda for that evening, in the form of classes. Though had it not been, I hopefully would have done it anyway.

Through paying attention I've discovered various things that help me to feel better when I'm feeling off. (Thankfully there are many.)

Here are just a few of the things that can get me out of a funk

1. Moving my body

2. Listening to great music

3. Watching people with lots of gracia

Which leads me to the video below. 

You'll hear David Lagos, Melchora Ortega, and El Londro singing. And you'll see Zorri dancing. It might make you want to dance. Or close your eyes. Or just smile ...

And from that, a letra for today.

From the siguiriyas by David Lagos at the beginning of the clip.


No quiero dormir de noche ni de día
que hasta durmiendo, compañera mía, 
me acuerdo de tí

I don't want to sleep night or day
for even sleeping, My Love
I am reminded of you

Stay tuned for more 'get out of a funk quick fixes' soon.

And you?

How do you make yourself feel better when you're feeling a bit off? How do you deal with re-entry after a long trip away? Does dancing help you too? How did the video above make you feel? I'd love to hear what you have to say in the comments.

What is the Flamenco Tour?

It is this.

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