So, Danica arrived this week.  And I asked her to give me some favorite letras. She gave me many.

Because there are so many.

How to choose?

For today, unos tangos.

 Porque son maravillosos los tangos.  They're wonderful, tangos, they just are.


El corazón es el que manda
cuando la duda está en la mente,
uando la duda está en la mente. 

The heart is what commands
when doubt is in the mind,
when doubt is in the mind.

Wow.  I really like this one.  I just need to close my eyes and ponder it for a moment.


Gracias, Danica.

And speaking of tangos, José will be teaching some tangos de Camarón on Saturday.  A cante workshop.  It's been so long since we've had a cante workshop.  It is well overdue, and I'm excited.  And, of course, Manuel will be teaching baile and cajón.  Oh, and then there's the show.

A flamenco weekend.

A flamenco month.

Ok, you know it.  Translating.  Oh translating.  This letra is short, so it wasn't too bad.  As always, feel free to leave your suggestions.  And your thoughts.  Did you close your eyes and take this one in like I had to?  Click here to comment.