Fandangos del Alosno. Watch this.

Calle Real

Calle Real del Alosno
con sus esquinas de acero
es la calle más bonita
que rondan los Alonsneros
Calle Real del Alosno.

Royal Street of Alosno
with its corners of steel
It is the most beautiful street
courted by the people of Alosno
Royal Street of Alosno.

Here is Camarón singing it.

Lamiae sang this for me on Tuesday.  She'll probably sing it again next weekend when she, José Cortés, Manuel de la Cruz, Nat Hulskamp, and Bobak Salehi pay homage to Camarón in Viviré.


José and Manuel will be giving cante, cajón, and baile workshops here in Portland next weekend as well. José will be teaching tangos de Camarón.

So, translating is a challenge for me. If you have a comment or suggestion, please let me know. And what about that video up there? I'd love to hear your thoughts. You can leave a comment below.