Again, tangos.


La virgen de Los Remedios
tiene su cara morena
y el niño que está en sus brazos

es más blanco que la azucena.

Our Lady of Los Remedios
has a dark face
and the child in her arms 
is whiter than a lily.

On Sunday José sang this very letra, and I danced to it.  I was too scared to do a lot of dancing in the show.  So, I didn't.

Nat asked me to do the show back in March.  And I was very indecisive.  So, I said probably not.  I was overwhelmed by the idea.  Scared.

Scared to get up on stage with a dancer I didn't know.  Scared people would expect more of me than I could deliver.  Scared of all kinds of things como siempre.

In the end, I did lots of palmas, which was great fun.  And hard.  And fast.  I gave a lot of jaleos, but apparently none could be heard.  People said they saw my mouth moving, but that was it.  Ok, so now I understand about have to get close to them.

Anyway, I'm glad I danced this little tangos.  Because it felt good.  Y de eso se trata.  

De eso se trata - That is what it's all about

It's about having fun.

That's what José and Manuel told me, and, oh, I did have fun!

Yes, I always say it, translating challenges me.  If you have any thoughts on this letra, leave a comment here!

Here is Camarón singing it.

P.S. There is more fun to be had this evening, at Fernhill Park.