In the past weeks I've noticed something.  For those of you who've been reading, you know that I am trying to make this year all about noticing.

Anyway, in class I've seen people coming in with all kinds of expressions.

Many people wearing the kind of day, or week, they've had on their faces. Class gets going, and there are concentrated looks, which is exciting.

And then, the smiles.

I've been seeing lots of smiles!  Especially  in Sevillanas (which in getting into partners, no matter how hard you try not to smile, it kind of becomes impossible to keep a straight face; we are doing them as part of our beginning classes right now.)  Come to think of it, this is true for Bulerías too, and Palmas, and the Performance Class... Hmm, in most (alll?) of the classes I guess.

And there's been audible laughter.

I really love this part.  And a surprising number of "Oh, this is so much fun," types of comments.  Sorry, I must sound overly bubbly right now, (and I'm not bubbly,) but it's truly been exciting!

Anyway, I know this is not new, but like I said, I noticed it a lot in last month, as I've been more attuned to noticing.  And that has been wonderful because January was absolutely crazy (and kind of difficult) this year.

Ok, so my point is this.

Flamenco is FUN.  Students are having fun in class.  I am not just saying this because I want people to come join us, although of course I do want for that to happen.

So, if you're one of those people who knows what it's like, and we haven't seen you in awhile, we're here whenever you're ready to come back.  If you're one of those people who keeps telling yourself you want to get to a flamenco class, come try it out.  If you were in classes in January smiling, muchas gracias for helping me to love my job.  And, if you aren't really interested in taking classes, that's absolutely fine too!  (You're always welcome to come watch, of course.)

It is the beginning of February and we are now at the new studio!  You can check the calendar here.

I'd love to hear from you, as always.  If you were around in January, what was your experience like?  Or if you were at the new studio tonight, what did you think?  Leave a comment here.


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