Ay!  Just got home from performing in Salem with Al-Andalus and realized that I had not yet published the letra.  Y hoy es viernes!!! So below are some sevillanas.

Some sevillanas that Ricardo and I danced.

Some sevillanas that he actually doesn't like that much...

And, speaking of Ricardo,

He'll be here in just about a month.  Stick around as I'll soon be announcing details of the Immersion and his Show.

For now, here you go:

A La Puerta de Toledo

1. A la Puerta de Toledo, madre, le tengo celos
Le tengo celos
A la Puerta de Toledo, madre, le tengo celos
Le tengo celos
Porque se cita con otro 
La mujer que yo más quiero

En el mismo sitio 
A la misma hora 
Se estaba besando 
Con otra persona 

Of La Puerta de Toledo, mother, I am jealous
I am jealous
Of the Puerta de Toledo, mother, I am jealous
I am jealous
Because she's going out with another
The woman I love the most

In the same place  
At the same time
She was kissing
Another person

This is just the first copla.  Perhaps I'll post the other three that go along with it next Friday.  Until then,  if you want more, come join us in class for sevillanas on Wednesdays, Fridays, or Sundays or listen to Chiquete singing them here.

And you've heard it before; translating can be a challenge; if you come up with a different interpretation, or if you simply want to share your thoughts, leave a comment.