So, Danica Sena introduced me to this estribillo, from the end of a farruca, which she danced beautifully.  Gracias, guapa!

Báilame Malena

Báilame Malena
tira al viento todas tus penas
rompe ya todas tus cadenas
y olvida tú sin razón
Mira que el cariño que te tengo es de niño 
yo te quiero más que a nadie en este mundo

Dance for me Malena
toss all your pain to the wind
break from all of your chains
and go crazy 
Look I've loved you since I was a child
I love you more than anyone in this world

This will be incorporated into our Fertile Ground show next Saturday, January 28 at Polaris.

And you've heard it before; translating can be a challenge; if you come up with a different interpretation, leave a comment.  (Thank you, Eva, for your corrections and help!  By the way, if you haven't read Eva's story, you'll find it in the comments.)  Additionally, I am not sure who to attribute this too, so if you know, please let me know!