Tanguillos.  I love love love tanguillos!

Los Habitantes del Mundo Perdido
Niño Josele/Javier Limón

Corazón perdío 
que me vuelve loca 
y a caramelito me sabe tu boca.

Lo que tú camelas es cañaverales
Y lo que yo chanelo tú no lo sabes
No te doy un beso 
Ni a tí ní a nadie, 
Si no quiero.

Lost heart 
that drives me crazy
and like candy, your mouth tastes to me. 

What you love are sugar cane fields 
And what I know you don't 
I won't give you a kiss 
Not to you, not to anyone, 
If I don't want to.

You can hear a snippet of it here.  (Though it doesn't include my favorite part, but if you want to hear the full song you can purchase it here.)

And you've heard it before; translating can be a challenge; if you come up with a different interpretation, let me know below. (The sugar cane field part was especially difícil this time.  Muchísimas gracias Ben por tu ayuda.)  I love how this process keeps me learning.