Here’s a bulerías letra and an star saturated video from Tablao Cordobés in Barcelona. Some of the people you’ll see are: Pastora Galvan, Claudia Cruz, Farruquito, Jesus Carmona, and La Susi.


Me lo venías haciendo
por delante buena cara
por detrás me andas vendiendo

You have been
acting kindly toward me when I’m around
but talking about me behind my back

You can hear this letra at 26 seconds in:

Difficult Translations: I wasn’t sure of the best way to translate “por delante buena cara” in this context. I debated between: putting on a happy face in front of me and acting as if you like me and showing me your good face. I chose acting kindly toward me when I’m around. I wanted to reference the “me” from the first line.

Me lo venias haciendo web.jpeg