This was one of those difficult translations. It's a juguetillo (coletilla por cantiñas) and a video of Estrella Morente live:


Qué mandilón, mandilón
Que de cabeza a cabeza
Me meto yo en el pilón

A facebook follower from Cádiz told me that this basically means:

I'll throw you into the well with my apron

Or in other words:

I'll do what I want with you...

Here's a more literal translation (though the last part doesn't make a lot of sense)

What a coward, a coward
I dive headfirst
into the well

This version makes more sense to me:

Qué mandilón, qué mandilón
De cabeza cabeza
Te meto yo en el pilón

What a coward
I throw you

in the well


What a coward, a coward
I put your head

in the well

I found these notes about that version which you can hear La Niña de los Peines sing here and hear Miguel Poveda sing here.

Now watch Estrella Morente sing the first version at 2:30 in the video below.

You can watch Paloma Fantova dance to it here.

You can hear Enrique Morente sing it here.

qué mandilón mandilón.jpg