You're going to LOVE the video below of the Makarines performing sevillanas live. The third copla they sing is an excerpt from this sevillanas and it has to do with the Rocío pilgrimage. Here it is:

Sevillanas (De: Porque El Relente Le Daba)
José Miguel Évora/Isidro Muñoz*

Porque el relente le daba
Le puse mi chaquetilla

Le puse mi chaquetilla
Porque tiritaba y yo la veía, 

Le puse mi chaquetilla
Qué bien le queaba, qué bien le caía! 

Y al trote que el tambor tocaba
A la Virgen Bendita yo me encomendaba
Yo me he encomendao
La Virgen Bendita me tenga a su lao.

You can hear this one three minutes in. I love watching the reactions of the people listening to them...

From: Because There Was Dew

Because the dew came out
I gave her my jacket

I gave her my jacket
Because she shivered and I noticed

I gave her my jacket
How well it fit her, how good it looked on her!

And to the pace of the drum
I entrusted myself to the Blessed Virgin
I entrusted myself
That the Blessed Virgin may hold me by her side.

You can hear Salmarina sing it here.

P.S. I first discovered Los Makarines through Emilio. They are his go to singers, and he has created so many beautiful works with their music. Here's one of his award-winning pieces to their music. Stay tuned. I'll post one of those letras in an upcoming post.

*This reference wrote that this sevillanas was written solely by J.M. Évora however the video notes that it was written by both J.M. Évora and I. Muñoz. I am not sure which is correct.

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