For this second installment of the flamenco cuplé series, I want to show you the transformation of a song from its original form into a cuplé por bulerías. So here is a song famously interpreted by Rocío Jurado. First watch her sing it directly to Lola Flores (watch it all the way through to see what happens between the two of them at the end) then see how Fernanda de Utrera adapts it as a cuplé por bulerías.

Se Nos Rompió El Amor
Maria Alejandra Alvarez-Beigbeder Casas / Manuel Alvarez-Beigbeder Perez

Se nos rompió el amor
de tanto usarlo. 

De tanto loco abrazo
sin medida. 

De darnos por completo a cada paso, 
se nos quedó en las manos un buen día. 

Se nos rompió el amor
de tan grandioso. 

Jamás pudo existir
tanta belleza. 

Las cosas tan hermosas duran poco
jamás duró una flor dos primaveras. 

Me alimenté de tí 
por mucho tiempo, 
nos devoramos vivos
como fieras. 

Jamás pensamos nunca
en el invierno, 
pero el invierno llega, 
aunque no quieras. 

Y una mañana gris
al abrazarnos, 
sentimos un crujido
frío y seco, 
cerramos nuestros ojos
y pensamos: 
Se nos rompió el amor
de tanto usarlo.

Before I share the translation, here's the first video. Don't forget to watch to the end to see how Lola reacts and how Rocío responds to her reaction:

Our Love Has Shattered

Our love has shattered
from overuse.

From too many crazy embraces
beyond measure

From completely giving in at every step,
we were left with a good day.

Our love has shattered
from being so magnificent.

Never could
so much beauty exist.

Things this beautiful can't last long
A flower has never lasted two springs.

I was nourished by you
for so long,
We devoured each other alive
like beasts.

We never thought
of the wintertime,
but winter comes,
whether you want it to or not.

And one grey morning
we embraced,
and felt a crackling
cold and dry,
We closed our eyes

and we thought;
Our love has shattered
from overuse.

And here are Bernarda and Fernanda de Utrera por bulerías, Fernanda singing today's song:

In the next post I'll show you a video of Adela la Chaqueta and give you one more song, so stick around!

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