Raise your hand if you want your flamenco new year's resolution to be about more than just January. Raise your hand if you want to make it stick. My hand is raised, and I'm guessing yours is too. So today I'll give you one more tool to help you follow through with your resolution. (If you've not made one yet, no problem. The energy of the new year is still upon us.)

As I've been taking action on my flamenco resolution in this new year, I've noticed something (in addition to my plan) that is really helping me to stick with it, an awareness of why I want it. I'll tell you more about my resolution later, but first, let's go deeper into this why stuff.

When setting your resolution, or when reflecting upon it, it's important to consider your why. 

Why do you want it? 

¿Por qué? 

For example, if your resolution is to practice more, why? Is it because you want to become a better dancer overall? Is it because you want improve your form? Is it because you always feel better after you practice? You may have multiple reasons. 

Becoming aware of why you've made the resolution you've made will help to motivate you because it gives you a purpose for following through. 

Below I'll guide you through an activity then I'll tell you about how my resolution is going so far.

Clarifying Your Why - An Activity:

1. Write down your flamenco resolution.

2. Why do you want it? List all of the reasons that come to mind.

3. Review your list of whys. Circle or highlight the biggest why for you in this exact moment.

4. (Optional Step) Review your plan for following through with your resolution. Does it align with your why(s)? If not, adjust it.

Hang onto your list of whys. You might even choose to post it somewhere where you'll see it often. Review it whenever you lose touch with your purpose. Add to your list or highlight a new why at any time. 

Getting specific about your most pressing why in this moment can help to keep you focused.

Let's return to the example of a resolution to practice more:

If your main why is that you want to practice more so that you can have faster footwork then you can choose to dedicate most of your practice time to footwork exercises. If your main why for practicing more is to feel better, how often and for how long do you need to practice to lift your mood? You get the idea.

My Flamenco Resolution

My flamenco resolution is just that, to practice more. Over the past few years I've become rather lazy when it comes to practicing. (I know, I'm probably not supposed to tell you that, but I just did.) I've noticed my dancing suffering as a result. My footwork feeling sloppier, forgetting choreographies, a lack of new ideas... And all of this was not making me feel good. In addition, I have a lot of things coming up that I REALLY need to practice for, shows with Ricardo López in March (very scary), The Flamenco Retreat at the Oregon Coast, classes...

So, I resolved to practice more. I developed a plan to help me do it. And I've been taking action

Today, while exploring more deeply my reasons for wanting to practice more in the first place, I revisited my plan and sharpened my focus.

(If you want more help in setting yourself up for success in following through with your flamenco resolution, check out my four steps here.)

Let's make our flamenco resolutions stick!

Give It A Try

If you haven't already, take yourself through the Determining Your Why activity above, and definitely let me know how it went for you. Why do you want this resolution? What else helps you stay focused and motivated to stick with your resolution? Let me know in the comments below.

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