We danced alegrías with David in Barcelona. He gave us so many cute moves. I love dancing alegrías but to do it to speed always feels so fast...


¿Quién me va a entender a mí
si yo mismo no me entiendo?
Te digo que no te quiero
y estoy loquito por tí.

Who is going to understand me
if I don't even understand myself?
I say that I don't love you,
and I am crazy for you.

You can listen to Antonio El Chaqueta sing it below:

You also might want to check out this clip of Marco Flores dancing por alegrías. So good.

Inmaculada Ortega

The talented Inmaculada Ortega of Spain will be n Portland for a weekend of flamenco workshops. Inma is known for her beautiful upper body work and kindness, generosity, and patience as a teacher. She is not to be missed. While the Level 2 workshops are full, there is still some room in Level 1.

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