Tonight we went back to Tablao Cordobés to see David perform. He danced por soleá, and he was on fire.

Everyone was.

Below is a letra La Tana sang tonight por bulerías.


A mí me llaman La Loca
porque vivo a mi manera
y aunque viva equivoca
seré feliz hasta que me muera

They call me The Crazy One
because I live my own way
and even though it's messed up
I'll be happy until the day I die.

She sang this letra when we were there on Monday as well.

Juana Amaya was there that night along with Manuel Tañe, Pepe Torres, Juan Requena, and José Valencia. (Those are some of the people you see in the photo above.) Stay tuned for one of the letras that José Valencia sang. . .

Flamenco in Spain

By the way, I'm on the Flamenco Tour to Barcelona right now studying with David Romero and thoroughly enjoying this incredible city. See photos from the trip here, and if you're interested in joining me on a future Flamenco Tour, you can sign up to find out more.

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