As I mentioned last week, we've been studying caña here in Jerez on the Flamenco Tour (along with bulerías por su puesto). We learned from Mercedes that la caña has six ays (iis) while el polo has five.

For baile, that is.

And there is a set of ays in the middle of the letra and at the end.

For cante, it's more open.

We learned from David that when a singer is not accompanying baile, the ays are libre. Meaning he can choose to sing as many as he wants however he feels moved to.

And the ays David sang for us at our private show, wow. Most of us were crying, which is nothing new when listening to him live as you probably already know.

So below is a letra that David Lagos sang for us last week at the show:


Entré en la sala del crímen
le pregunté al presidente
si el querer es un delito
que me sentencien a muerte

I entered the room of crime
I asked the president
if loving is a crime
then sentence me to death

By the way, pictured above is Vanesa Rodríguez, Mercedes Ruíz, Melchora Ortega, David Lagos, and Santiago Lara.

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