Awhile ago I posted the first letra of this alegrías by David Lagos along with an unbelievably wonderful video of him singing it live accompanied by his brother Alfredo Lagos. Today find one more not to be missed video of David performing it live along with the first letra.

David Lagos

Que es chiquita y salerosa
no le pongáis tanta falta
que pa navegar yo tengo con mi barquita que me basta y sobra

She is small and charming
don't underestimate her
to sail I have my little boat who more than fills me

Below see David performing live with Pedro (Perico Navarro) and Santi (Santiago Lara), who accompanies us in class with Mercedes Ruíz on the Flamenco Tour to Jerez . . .

Stay tuned later this week for the next letra.

Live Flamenco in Spain

The Flamenco Tour to Jerez includes a private show hosted by Mercedes Ruíz. Normally David Lagos is our singer for this show, which basically means if David is in town when we're there, he sings for us. Actually he sings directly to us.Increíble.

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