It’s the final day of the Mini-Challenge and time to step things up a bit. That's right, today things get harder. But sometimes harder can be more fun.

And I think you'll find that to be true with this final activity which is all about creation . . .

The creation of a step

Today’s exercise comes directly from our imaginary teacher of the week, David Romero.

David says coming up wtih a step is easy, You just have to do the work.

In other words, it’s not hard as long as we're willing to put forth effort.

(You can hear him talk about this six minutes thirty seconds into his video interview.)

Below, find out how to make up your very own flamenco step by following David's exact advice. (Well, along with a few additional suggestions from me.)

How to Create a Step:

Step One   Decide which rhythm you’re going to work in, 4-count, 12-count, etc. Alternatively, you can think of it as which palo you’re going to work in, tangos, bulerías, alegrías, etc.

Step Two*   Decide on the sound you want to make.

(If you’re not sure of how to come up with a sound, read on. I have some suggestions for you a bit further down.)

Step Three   Combine different steps/techniques to create the sound with your feet. ( golpe, tacón, planta, latigo, etc.).

Step Four   Do the work.

The truth is steps three and four go hand in hand.

Because figuring out how you’re going to put things together to make your sound is part of doing the work.

Experiment. Try things. If you don’t like one combination, try another.

Another part of doing the work is practicing technique in order to produce a good planta, tacón, etc. This is muy importante.

Optional Step Teach your new step to a friend.

Teaching is one of the best ways to learn, so go ahead, show someone else how to do your step.

EDIT: Download your own copy of the steps here.

*A note about Step Two

You may have a million sounds running through your head at this very moment, or you may be wondering, how on earth am I supposed to just come up with a sound?

Here are two things you can to if you’re struggling to come up with something:

1. Use a sound you already know.

In other words, think of a step that’s in your repertoire. Make up a different step, your own step, to replicate that sound.

2. Go on a walk.

The movement of walking can help you access your creativity. Your walking feet become the metronome. Try making up sounds in your head as you walk. Play!

How did it go?

How easy or hard was it to come up with a step? Did you enjoy the process of experimenting with different combinations and possibilities? How did it feel to teach your step to someone? Will you use the step you created? And, overall, how did the mini-challenge go for you? Whether you participated fully or only partially, I want to know what you thought! Please share in the comments below.

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Thanks for spending the week with me. If you'd like to continue learning from David, why not join me in Barcelona this fall for a personalized flamenco vacation? The Flamenco Tour to Barcelona happens in November.

How to Create Your Own Flamenco Step

How to Create Your Own Flamenco Step