On Friday I went to the Peña la Bulería. As you may recall, it is literally steps away from our apartments here in Jerez. I was feeling sleepy and my legs were not looking forward to standing on the hard marble floor after having spent a good deal of time in flamenco shoes and walking on hard streets that day, but once there I was glad I went. As usual.

A young singer named Enrique Remache was performing.

I heard many fantastic letras, like like this one, and jaleos, and took great pleasure in witnessing the reactions of the público.

The reactions

Always one of my favorite aspects of seeing flamenco in Jerez. Men looking at each other and laughing with pleasure upon hearing a particular thing sung a particular way. I won't try to explain this. Just please visit Jerez sometime in your life, and see.

I also love seeing the mix of generations at the peña shows. Teenagers to people in their 70's voluntarily going to hear flamenco.

Naturally Zorri was there doing palmas, and, of course, he did a pataíta to die for. (I don't know the name of the guy dancing in the photo above but I loved his dancing, súper elegante.

The ladies were too tired, which trust me I get on their first full FlamencoTour day, so Seana and I went on our own and met up with Nat and Lamiae who are in town recording their CD.


Here is a letra that Enrique sang.


Somos de La Luneta
y no lo negamos
sacamos los muebles
y no los pagamos

We are from La Luneta* 
and we don't deny it
We take the furniture
and we don't pay for it

Hear Conchi Heredia sing it below:

*Thanks to Mercedes for explaining to me that La Luneta was a barrio and thanks to Google for telling me where it was (in Badajoz) and pointing me toward more information about it.

Some words

pataíta - a bulerías dance

público - audience


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