These words ...


Qué novia más guapa tengo
que me da miedo el mirarla
y es tanto lo que la quiero

que cuando voy a besarla
de sus labios siento celos

My girlfriend is so beautiful
that I'm afraid to look at her 
I love her so much

that when I go to kiss her
I feel jealous of her lips

You can hear Pitingo sing it live in his way here. (Please do that.)

And below is Anotonio Molina's interpretation.

Wow and guau.


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I'm off to Jerez for the next Flamenco Tour. I'm sure I'll hear lots of fandangos because singers always sing them at the peña shows. And about studying flamenco in Spain, we're planning a Flamenco Tour to Barcelona in November with David Romero. Wooooot! Get on this list to find out more when the details are announced.

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