This afternoon I was working on the letra.

I translated it, wrote it out, took a picture of it, and then decided I’d better hurry up and take a quick walk before the sun went down. It was nice out, and I could finish the post later.

It began to rain minutes after I began my walk.

I guess I needed to be rained on.

The sky had given me no indication that this was going to happen. It had been sunny all day, and all I noticed were beautiful nearning sunset colors from the moment I stepped outside. So many colors and shades of brightness that I didn’t really see the grey rain clouds.

I notice lots of things,

But sometimes I miss certain things that would be most helpful to notice, like they grey clouds. (I remember seeing shades of pink and taupe in front of me, but this beautiful white fluffy cloud that had turned golden from the sun against the blue sky to my right stole my attention, and I headed in that direction.)

Perhaps sometimes I notice certain things and turn away, not really wanting to see them.

Wanting things to be different than they are.

All of this had me thinking of the letra...

(popular verse)

Loca y disparatada
que lo que ensueña de noche
quiere que sea verdad

Crazy and out of control
what she dreams of at night,
she wishes to be real

Not so much of the crazy and out of control woman, but of the wishing dreams could be reality. And I guess not even so much of wishing dreams could be reality, but of wishing reality were different than it is at a given moment.

That feeling.

I think we’ve all felt it.

I guess if you feel it too much you end up like the crazy and out of control lady, loca y disparatada.

But if you realize you were expecting things to be different than they are and then accept that they’re not, you’re okay.

And I suppose if you actually embrace the way they are, then you're more than okay.


By the way, it's week three of bulerías shared by Zorri.


Do you ever have this feeling? What do you do? What does this letra have you thinking of? Leave a comment here.

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