Bulerías de Jerez

Te tienes que faltar
la alegría y el dinero 
la salud y la libertad 

You have to be without  
happiness and money,
health and freedom

The video is set to the beginning of the bulerias where you can see La Macanita singing the above letra.

But I recommend watching more than just that

At the very beginning she demonstrates, by singing a cappella, how she used to begin every show when she was little.

And at 3:22 she sings this tientos in her way.

After that she sings this letra, which I'm used to hearing por bulerías, por tientos.  We know how the letras can be switched around.


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And speaking of Jerez

The dates are set for the May 2014 trip.  Let's dance bulerías in Spain together!  Get the details here.  (We've seen La Macanita hanging out at Juana La del Pipa's restaurant when we've eaten there.)