Below is something Oscar has been working on with his students.

First a letra por soleá ...

...and then a bulerías.

Both interpretations from Diego Camancho, "El Boquerón" of popular verses.


Ay que si esta flamenca supiera
lo que la camelo yo
ay lo que la camelaba yo
lo que la camelo yo
siempre la llevo metida dentro de mi corazón
compañera de mi alma
dentro de mi corazón

If this "flamenca" could know
How much I love her
Oh, how much I loved her
How much I love her
She will always be in my heart
My soulmate In my heart

And a bulerías

Qué quieres de mi
si hasta el agua que yo bebo
te la tengo que pedir

What do you want from me
if even the water I drink
I have to ask you for

In my YouTube searches I came across this video of El Boquerón with Angelita Vargas, El Biencasao, and Joselito which was way too much fun not to share with you.

And speaking of Oscar

He's coming to Portland in a few weeks, Yay!Oscar is what we call a master teacher who has a magical way of explaining how to execute movements and inspire.  You can study with him in Portland in February.  And, gracias, Oscar for supplying today's letra.