Remember when I said we were dancing tangos with Mercedes in Jerez? Well, here are a couple of other letras we danced with her.

Tangos de la Repompa/de la Pirula

Porque te quiero
dicen que estoy loco yo,
¡ay, morena!
loquito 'perdío'

Si él que quiere está loco, 
¿quién tiene 'sentío'? 
¡ay, morena! 
¿quién tiene sentío?

Because I love you
they say that I'm crazy, 
Oh, Dark one*! 
that I'm stark raving mad

If the one who loves is crazy,
Who is right? 
Oh, Dark one! 
Who is right?

Morena. It's one of those words that seems better left untranslated. Here it is a term of endearment, but I didn't want to just put Love or Sweetie because it also refers to someone with dark skin. So, I chose to translate it as Dark one.

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Oh, and gracias, Mercedes. I got these words from her stage notes.

Spain 2013

If you too want to dance with Mercedes in Spain, the info is here.