Another from this book.

by José Cenizo Jiménez

Ya llega la nochecita
con su negra soledad, 
con esta soguita al cuello
cuándo me amanecerá

Pobrecito del que llora
sin nadie que lo consuele,
con tener que llorar

solo ya bastante pena tiene

Las espinas del querer
se alimentan de tu nombre
por si lo quieres saber.

Night is on its way
with its black solitude
with this rope around its neck
when will it awake me?

Poor one who cries
with nobody to console him,
having to cry alone
enough pain he's had.

The thorns of love
feed on your name
in case you wanted to know.

Translating is hard.  This line confuses me a bit, cuándo me amanecerá.  I'd love to hear your thoughts.  You can leave a comment below.