It's a must. We talk a lot about listening, which is importantísimo.  Absolutely essential.

But so is watching.

We are lucky.  We have YouTube.  We have Vimeo.  We have Did Somebody Say Flamenco?

We have access to all kinds of good flamenco.

In our kitchens.  In our bedrooms.  In our offices.  (Don't worry I won't tell.)

So watch.

It's pleasure.

It's study.

It's inspiration.

It's necessary.

I know you do this.  And in a minute I want to hear about a favorite video of yours.

You've seen some of my favorites around here.

But there are sooooo many more.

Like this one of Pastora Galván, or this one of Manuela Carrasco, or this one of Manuel Liñan.

Or this one of Rocío Molina

Okay, I'll stop because you know I could go on all day...

A request of you

Okay, so I want to know what you're watching, because I know you do this too.  Tell me, which videos have inspired you?  Motivated you?   Which have you learned something from?   Baile, Cante, Guitarra, Percusión.  Leave the link or tell me about it below in the comments.  I want to know, and I'm sure someone else does too.  We can't usually share this stuff with our 'regular' friends.   So, let's share some favorites with each other below.


Watching en vivo

It's great to watch at home of course but seeing live flamenco, Well...  If you want to experience it en vivo, you can join me in Spain.