To dress oneself with hope.  I love that. So, below is the rest.

And you can listen to Rocío Jurado singing it here.

Un estribillo por fandangos

Ay, madre quién pudiera 
Vestirse de esperanza
como la primavera

Oh mother who would be able 
to dress theirself with hope
like the springtime

Danica introduced me to this estribillo tonight.  She and Lamiae will sing it in 3 Mujeres a Tres.


Such a pretty chorus.  What do you think?  And, by the way, translating is still hard for me.  (I'm not sure about that first line or the second one either actually.  Is theirself even a word?  Oneself didn't make sense in the context nor did themselves or theirselves, and I could have used himself or herself, but how does one decide which to use?)  You can leave a comment or even a suggestion below.