And one more bulerías...


Mi amante es pajarero.
Me trajo un loro

con las plumas doradas
y el pico de oro.

My lover is a bird vendor.
He brought me a parrot 
with golden feathers 
and a golden beak. 

Speaking of bulerías letras...  Remember this one about eating?  Or this one about the crazy person?  Or this one about money and love?  And too much love?

Coming in January

Feel like doing bulerías?  A new series begins in January.  It's almost January.

EDIT: I had originally translated this as a pajarero as a bird breeder.  But Ricardo just told me it is rather the one who sells the birds, so I changed it to a bird vendor.  I didn't change the title of this post though, because I just like the way that sentence sounds, plus, it is the title...