I told you I'd tell you about green bananas. And so, a short story from Jerez.  A story including yet another tip.

Tú vas a comer un plátano verde?

This is what Ani asked Ana.

Ani is Ana María López, the bulerías teacher.

Ana is a student from Russia.

Un plátano verde is a green banana.

You don’t eat a green banana.

That's what Ani told her.

No, you wait until is turns maduro y amarillo.

Ripe and yellow.

Then you eat it.  Actually, I like my bananas a bit green, but that’s not the point.

What she was talking about was when to put a move in.

Not when it’s still verde.

Wait until it is amarillo.  Wait until it is maduro.  Wait until it’s ready.

Otherwise it can really mess you up.

You can get off compás.

And it's no fun for anyone else.  And, as we know, bulerías is about everyone, not just the person dancing...

So, keep those tricky moves.  Practice them on your own.

And in the meantime...

When it's your turn to dance, do the simpler move.

The one you know like the back of your hand.

The one that comes out without thought.

The one that just happens.

Practice and practice and practice, and eventually the green banana will ripen.

And then it will be ready.

A new bulerías series begins this Saturday in Portland.  Would love to see you there!


What do you think?  Would you eat a green banana?  Let me know here.