Tonight I heard Felipa la del Moreno sing accompanied by Manuel Valencia on guitar. Wow.

They were at the peña Tío José de Paula in el Barrio Santiago.  This was the second of the three flamenco shows I went to tonight.  So much going on here.  All on the same night.  And kind of all at the same time.  But somehow we still managed to get to all three...

Below is a tarantos she sang tonight.


Since I was just telling you about how Manuel Liñan danced por tarantos on Wednesday.

And then Felipa sang them so beautifully tonight.


Ay, mi muchacho 
Que hace tres días que no lo veo
¿Dónde andará mi muchacho? 
Estará bebiendo vino
O andará ahí borracho 
O alguna mujer me lo habrá entretenido.

Oh, my boy 
It's been three days since I've seen him 
Where could he be? 
He is drinking wine 
Or walking around drunk 
Or some woman has entertained him.

As you know, translating is a challenge for me.  Your suggestions are welcome.  As are any other comment you may have.  You can leave a comment below.