La Gitanería is having these Saturday night flamenco cante shows.  There was one last night.  It started at 10:30.  Only, it didn’t actually begin until 11:30, maybe even a bit later than that.  We didn’t even start walking there until after 11. As we came in we walked by Diego del Morao.  He was not performing, just hanging out...

The first set was excellent.  Two young guys, a singer and a guitarist.  Sorry, I don't know their names.  The first set also ended up being the only set.

It was one of those Jerez shows where most of the people in the audience are Jerezanos.

They give a lot of jaleos.  And many play palmas.  And they are in compás...

They finished the set, and I turned around and asked the gentleman behind me if the same people were going to play after the break.  He said someone else was supposed to come on, but he didn’t know if they were going to after all.  You see, his sister had been informed by the owner that the neighbors had calledthe police and complained about the noise.  (I don't even think it was much later than 12:30.  The police had come and said the concert must end.)


In Spain, on a Saturday night, the neighbors had called about the noise, and the police had come.

So people were just hanging around, socializing and stuff.

We left after a bit.

The man behind me said that the previous night a juerga had happened there after the show at the peña.  He said it was buenísima.  His sister had even gotten up and danced a bulerías.

I don’t know what happened there after we left last night...

So far things are going well here in Jerez.

Tonight the Spain Tour participants arrived.  We shared flamenco stories.  People talked about why they came on this trip.  And how they got into flamenco.  It was fascinating.  I want to share their stories with you here.  Perhaps I’ll do that later.

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