I found this letra in the Antología del Baile Flamenco. (Gracias, Angel por haberme regalado este libro.) It was written for Matilde Coral. She was one of my first teachers.

I really ought to tell you about my first encounter with her. In Triana, on La Calle Castilla, at her academy.

I had no idea who she was, other than that she was a flamenco dancer, when I went to see her. We met in her office. 

She had a lot to say,

but I only understood bits and pieces.

That's kind of how it was that whole first year in Spain. Most of the time I only partially understood people. I did however understand what Matilde wanted me to do. And I did not want to do it. In fact, I refused to.

But, I'm not going to tell you about that today...

For today, just this letra:

A Matilde Coral
Daniel Pineda Novo

Arte de luz,
de embrujo y señorío
liándose el mantón como Pastora
arte de luz,
que el arte lo atesora con su gracia juncal, su poderío.

Arte en el cuerpo,
el ademán bravío;
arte en los brazos,
porque el cielo adora;
arte en los pies de pura bailaora,
arte, duende, misterio, escalofrío...

Ecos de la eternal Argentinita en su baile cabal,
donde gravita todo el ritmo...
Y Pilar la está animando...

Ecos de Macarrona y Malena...
y un solo de guitarra...
El bordón suena,
que Matilde ya está bailando.

To Matilde Coral
Daniel Pineda Novo

Art of light,
of enchantment and class
working the mantón like Pastora*
art of light.
amassed by art with her striking grace, her power.

Art in the body,
the wild expression;
art in the arms,
because the heavens adore;
art in the feet of a pure bailaora,
art, duende*, mystery, chills...

Echoes of the eternal Argentinita* in her faultless dance,
where all of the rhythm gravitates...
And Pilar* encourages her...

Echoes of Macarrona* and Malena*...
and a guitar solo...
The bass sounds,
that Matilde is now dancing.

*References to the following influential flamenco dancers... Pastora Imperio, La Argentinita, Pilar López, La Macarrona, La Malena.

Duende.  I don't like translations of this word, so I've chosen to leave it as is.

Whoa. Translating is a challenge. Your suggestions are welcome. (I have no idea what vabal means... ) EDIT - Thank you, José for your suggestion that  this word was a typo.  I've changed the letra to reflect this.  Feelings about this letra? Leave a comment below.