Today another letra that Vicente sang. Something happened while he sang me this letra, something that had the potential to really throw me off.  But it actually didn't.  It was weird.  It was like I noticed it happening and kind of watched myself continue dancing.  I guess it kind of caused me to become more focused, in a sense.  I want to tell you about it some day...

But, hoy es viernes.  So we have a letra.  And you can listen to it here, sung by a coro with Tomatito playing guitar.  It's Cañailla, from his Barrio Negro album.


Anda y ven
Replicale al orgulloso amor
Anda y ven
Dile porque llora mi corazón
Si solo intento vivir con mi triste alegría
haciendo que la luna también encaje cada día
Por eso quiero que salga el sol.
Sueño con tus besos,
tú y siempre tú.

It is beautiful, en español.  It is one of those that doesn't translate well.  Not all.  And, I had a hard time translating it, understanding it, conveying its meaning.  A harder time than usual.  I'm not even sure I want it to be on this page right now in English, but here you go...

Come on
Talk back to proud love
Come on
Tell it why my heart cries
If I try only to live with my sad happiness
making sure the moon also appears every day
Because of this I want the sun to come out.
I dream of your kisses, 
you and always you. 

Anyway, I tried.  As I've said before, translating challenges me!  So if anyone has any suggestions, or anything at all to say, pleased do so below in the comments.  Thank you for being here!

I leave for Spain soon, but we have many classes going on before then.  And, if you're in Portland, good news.  There will be lots happening while I'm away.  A workshop with Adriana Maresma Fois and classes and practice sessions as well.  (More info on those coming soon in the news.)