Reminded of this clip last week, I have been watching it over and over.  It never goes bad.... Click here to see it.


La gitana del siglo
se emborracha de los aromas
de los caramelitos del niño. 

The gypsy woman of the century 
gets drunk from the scent 
of the child's candies

And it's definitely time to start getting excited about bulerías as the Understanding Bulerías Series is set to begin anew in August with the Ins & Outs of Bulerías de Jerez then to continue in September with Jaleos para Bulerías (formerly known as Bulerías sín Cante.)  If you missed these workshops last year, I'm offering them again now, Yay!  If you came last year and enjoyed I'd love to have you back for more.

Oh, and I hope to see those of you in Portland at the juerga this evening.  It is free and fun and all are welcome.  And there is certain to be some bulerías happening.

If you have any thoughts on this letra, leave a comment!  As always, thank you for being here with me and for reading.