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Eat, dance, sing, do palmas, socialize, etc. etc.

These flamenco parties are meant to be just that, fiestas where we play, sing, and dance flamenco together.

They are not performances; anyone interested in flamenco is welcome.

Flamenco is not a solitary art form, join us.

But, really what is a Portland Style Juerga?

The basic idea: A party where we eat and get to do this thing we love because most of our regular friends want nothing to do with us when we start talking flamenco...or being flamenco:

Like a few years ago I was out having a perfectly regular evening with friends (non-flamenco friends) when someone said something which caused me to react with a little flamenco head flip along with a couple of palmas which in turn caused my friends to shake their heads at me as they often do thinking, "There she goes, doing her weird stuff again.."

We need these gatherings.  And we never quite know just how each juerga will go.  Normally we have a fabulous mix of people.  Some new flamencos, some regulars, and some supportive family members as well.  In Portland, Oregon, and our juergas are, after all, far from being auténticas, whatever that means.  We make music and dance, with or without flamenco shoes.

Join us!