Ricardo was here this spring...(in case you hadn't heard).  He was constantly giving us tips during the workshops.  Many great tips.  I've shared some of them and I'll surely share more.

But perhaps just as helpful were the little phrases I heard him say over and over again.

He didn't really intend them as tips.  They were not things that he carefully considered before sharing with us.  They were more just reactions, spoken in the moment.

And, oh, these little comments had a lot to tell me.

So I want to keep hearing them.

No corráis.  Don't rush.

Ok, so what flamenco class have we not heard this in?  If you pay attention, and even if you don't, you'll hear this one.  My best friend says it all of the time.  He begs for us not to rush,

"Os ruego..."    "I implore you!!!!!"

It's certainly my natural tendency and many other people's as well.  We start going and doing and then forget to listen.  Oops.

Reminder: Listen, stay present, respond.

No pasa nada.  It's no big deal.

This comment was usually a result of people freaking out about messing up and stuff like that.  Us and all of our fear.

Reminder:  It's not a big deal.  Do it.  And make mistakes.  This is not only how we learn, but this is life.

Lo que sea.  Whatever.

This he would say often.  Because many situations call for exactly that, whatever.

Reminder:  Add a little bit of you to it.  It's not about trying to look exactly like the teacher.  He is a guide.  She is a guide.  We are all different, as Tatiana reminded me last year in Jerez.  What looks good on one may not look good on another.  What one likes, another may not.

Venid.  Come.

As in, come closer.  Because poco a poco the class would end up further and further back, or from the start some would leave an unnecessarily large space between themselves and him.  Now, I know, what does this have to do with anything?  What does it mean beyond simply move your body forward?

A lot.  I'm thinking of the fear stuff.  Stay as far from the front as possible.  Don't let the teacher see you...

Reminder:  Come.  Be here.  You want to do this, so do it, fully.  Don't hide.


Gracias, Ricardo.

I wonder what  Emilio's unintended tips will be.  I wonder if we'll hear him say any of the same things.  And I definitely also wonder what intended tips he'll gift us with...

And you?  What things do you remember hearing a teacher say in a workshop or class that have stuck with you?  And what do the above phrases say to you?  Leave a comment here.