It's tangos.  Tangos that we danced tonight in class...  We did this letra on Wednesday too.

And everybody looked so happy when they were suddenly dancing to cante.

Because there's just something about dancing to the cante.  Marcandolo, rematandolo.  Simply put, It's fun.

After class some started asking questions, "What was that song?"  So, here it is.  Oooo, and soon I get to sing it with the first graders.  I love watching them accompany each other, dancing and singing...


Sentaito en mi escalera
esperando el porvenir
el porvenir que nunca llega.

Sitting on my steps
awaiting the future
the future that never arrives. 

I've heard that these are tangos de Jerez.  I don't know, do you?  Here is a reference to Antonio Chaqueta singing them and another to Joaquin el Zambo.   I am also familiar with the last line as, "El porvenir que nunca a mi me llega,"  and have been told porvenir refers to one's fortune.  So... you've heard me say it before, translating is a challenge.  Let me know if you have any thoughts.

p.s.  Did I mention Emilio will be here soon!   In less than two weeks, Memorial Day Weekend.  And that again, we have people coming from afar.  Montana, the tri-cities, who knows where else.  Can't wait.   (And there are still spots available.)