¡Vamos a bailar unos fandangos con Emilio! Below, some fandangos from Pitingo's Soulería.  And it happens to be the music Emilio will be using for the beginning coreografía class.  We still have spots available if you want to get in on the baile & palmas workshops next weekend...


Más quiero
hoy el fandango es mi alegría,
y es el cante que más quiero
se alegran las penas mías
con un fandango alegrego
Y al amanecer el día. 

Tú dices que me has querío
gitana del Sacromonte,
tú dices que me has querío
vas engañando a la gente. 
Dios sabe lo que he sufrío
me está costando la muerte

no hay cosa que más me guste
que besarte en el silencio
y rozarte suavemente
y hablarte del pensamiento
sin que se entere la gente.


I love it more than anything today, 
The fandango is my joy, 
It is the song that I love most. 
My sorrows disappear
with a happy fandango
when day breaks. 

You say you have loved me  
Roma woman of Sacromonte, 
You say you have loved me
You deceive people. 
God knows how I have suffered 
This is costing me death.

There is nothing I enjoy more
than kissing you in silence
and softly touching you
and talking to you about a thought
without anyone finding out.

So... you've heard me say it before, translating is a challenge.  Let me know if you have any thoughts.  And remember, if you want to be in the presence of a wonderful, fabulous flamenco active in the Madrid scene, you're in luck, because Emilio Ochando will be here in a week!