"Déjame saber tu letra favorita, Tell me your favorite letra," I begged Ricardo. He gave me this one, from Ten Cuidao, a bulerías by Mayte Martín.  Perhaps next week I'll post the first letra.

Anyway, here she is performing the whole thing live, and below that you'll find Ricardo's favorite part.

(From) Ten Cuidao Mayte Martín
Rafael de León

Pero yo me metí por tus jardines
dejando que ladraran los mastines
y ya bajo la zarpa de tus besos
sin miedo de morir en la aventura
yo me colmé de tu boca con locura
y me caló tu amor hasta los huesos

But I went into your gardens
allowing the mastiffs to bark
and now I take the claw of your kisses
not afraid of dying in the adventure
crazily, I filled up on your mouth
and I was soaked to the bones with your love

Gracias, Ricardo.

And...the very wonderful and exciting news is that he will be here in a couple of days!   The Immersion is about to begin.  (And you can still get in on it.)  In fact those who pay in full for their workshops by this Monday, March 19 receive discounted tickets to the shows.  Stick around on the blog as I'll be adding some video interviews w/Ricardo this weekend that you'll probably want to see.

Translating challenges me, as you know.  Especially the really poetic letras. If you come up with a different interpretation, let me know below. I never stop learning....

EDIT: You can see the whole song here.