Often times people tend to get a bit nervous around workshop time.  This is normal. Workshops can be quite scary.  (Especially if you're anything like me.)  We are getting ready to study with a professional who tours the world dancing in the most prestigious flamenco festivals.  We are just normal people from the United States.  Problematic thoughts start going through our minds.  Thoughts like

How will I possibly keep up?

What if the teacher gets completely frustrated with me?

What if he gets mad at me when I mess up?

I'm not dedicated enough to do this.

How will I get by not being able to speak any Spanish?

Thoughts like that.

I wanted to do a video interview with Ricardo to demonstrate to all that he is as sweet as can be.  And just a normal guy.  And to let you know how completely invested he is in helping us to learn a lot while having a good time doing it.

Well, we tried to do the video interview thing.  We tried hard.  Somehow this task became much more difficult to accomplish than any flamenco step I've ever done... You can see the outtakes below.

After awhile, we made a bit of progress, and here is what Ricardo had to say to people feeling a bit nervous about attending a workshop:

There is no need to be nervous.  Yes, we are going to work hard, but we are going to have a good time doing so.  

And if that doesn't make you feel better, here he is speaking English...

By the way, if you've not yet signed up, there's still time.  (And if you pay for your workshops in full today, you are eligible for the discount show tickets)

EDIT: When I originally published this I was unable to embed video outtakes from our interview. Once I discovered how to do this I published them here and added the video you see above.