La Llave y La Clave

Tú eres quien tienen la llave
la llave y la clave
de mis melodías

te brillan en la cara dos luceros 
no dejo de mirarme en esos dos luceros 
que vengan los días, 
si contigo vienen 
se vayan los días, los días
y tu te quedes

vino a mi calle
el carrito de la fortuna 
vino a mi puerta y se paró 
cien años dure, 
duré cien años mi cazador 
quiero a dios, ay quiero a dios 
el carrito que de la fortuna vino a mi puerta y se paró

ay el querer que yo te tengo
y es firme como una roca, como una roca 
y si tu me lo pidieras
me quito el pan de la boca
vamos a tener contracorriente, contracorriente  
este río que nos lleva
va desde el mar a la fuente 
desde el mar hasta la fuente

The Key and The Code

You are the one
who has the key, the key and the code
to my melodies

On your face shine two bright stars
I can't stop looking in them 
May the days come, 
if they come with you 
The days go, the days, 
and you stay

The cart holding my fortune
came down my street
It stopped at my door 
It took 100 years, 
100 years it took my hunter 
I love God 
The cart holding my fortune came down my street and stopped

The love that I have for you
is hard as a rock, like a rock 
I would give you the bread from my mouth
if you asked 
We are going to go against the current, against the current 
This river that takes us
goes from the sea to the spring 
From the sea to the spring

Hear Arcángel singing it here.

See a snippet of him singing it live here,...

Whoa, in that one his voice is sooooo high!

And tomorrow night, Saturday, February 25 at 7pm Diana will be singing it at the Transformational Voice Institute. (She will be performing many pieces, with with two guitarists, piano, flute, other singers, It's going to be cool, really cool, soooo many musicians! $5 at the door.

Yep, you know it, translating challenges me greatly.  This song especially. I think I've decided it is one that definitely sounds MUCH better en español than in English. Like the ay, quiero a Dios. I felt like he meant to say I love you, oh God, but I don't know! If you come up with a different interpretation, let me know below. I love how this process keeps me learning.