A villancico...

A la Nanita

A la naninta nana, nanita ea, nanita ea, 
Mi Jesús tiene sueño, 
bendito sea, bendito sea.

Fuentecilla que corre clara
y sonora ruiseñor que en la selva
cantando llora calla
mientras la cuna se balancea a la nanita nana, nanita ea. 

To the lullaby, lullaby, lullaby
My baby Jesus is sleepy, 
blessed be, blessed be.

Fountain that runs clear
and sonorous nightingale singing in the forest
quiet weeps
while the cradle rocks to the lullaby, lullaby. 

There is just one of the verses...  Here is a snippet and another, and here is Estrella Morente with another version.

As you know, translating well provides a good challenge for me…I’ll always try my best, but if you come up with a different interpretation, feel free to express your thoughts below.