Is this why I do it? You see, I’ve noticed that flamenco is always telling me things, important things that go waaaaaaay beyond the art form.  Sometimes I am able to hear, sometimes I am not.  So it tells me things again and again, just in case I need reminders... which I usually do.  Estoy muy agradecida, and I’m working on becoming a better listener.

Maybe you’re wondering just what kinds of things it tells me.  Here are some of the important ones…

to listen to my intuition and trust my instincts

to express my true feelings

to be present

to adapt

to prepare

to take risks 

to focus

to act with intention

to commit

to attune to my surroundings, to myself, to others

to be me, genuinely me

to have confidence in myself

to accept what is happening

to move on

to be curious

to take care of my body

to honor my creativity

to experiment and play...jugar!!!

to enjoy!

I guess mainly it’s telling me that just about anything I learn and do in flamenco I can apply to my life.  Let me say that one more time, for myself, because as I've already mentioned, a veces no escucho bien...

Lo que necesito hacer en flamenco necesito hacer en mi vida acutal.

I would like to expand on some of those messages because I’ve found them to be very helpful, and perhaps you will too.  I’ll do that soon, so stay tuned.

For now I wonder, what has flamenco told you?  Or perhaps you've learned some lessons from another form of art?  I would love to know.  Leave a comment here.